In an increasingly globalized world and with a strong tendency towards the organic and natural, we have focused our efforts in showing to the world some of the greatest products created in the southern cone. For this we travel around the continent searching for innovating products, assuring quality and purity, based in a fare trade.

Daily, tons of people around the world are enjoying of exquisit chilean salmon, while others are tasting an amazing cup of wine from our famous valleys.


Our company is constantly searching for innovators wellness gourmet products to make their name known in the world. if you have one of those and are looking for a sales force, do not hesitate in contacting us.




Our Products


Worldwide recognized, chilean food, gourmet products and wine are standing out because of their unique ethnic idendtity, functionality, and nutritional contribution, besides their amazing flavours and fragance. Produced sustainably for the environment and human health, those products increased they offer in much of the world.

Chile has a great variety of gourmet products not known yet in the world, and Patagonian Forests has been created with the mission of bringing those products to other places, creating strong sales platforms in markets such as Mexico, USA , Europe and Asia.


As Marco Polo did in his travels, patagonian forests opened a two way route with many countries, bringing to south america fine worlwide gourmet products. if you are seeking for enter your product into south america, contact us.


In order to help our local producers, we created a distribution sales force locally in chile, and incorporated some of our imported products to the line. 


"Cooking innovation it´s impossible without passion"

Ferran Adriá